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Our Clients  are Executives  of smart companies that form the core of our success.  We value their relationship from the depth and breadth of our expertise. We approach every member with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding with a guarantee to increase capacity, bring in more paying customers and increase your return on investment. . 

        Autobiographyof Alliance Circle

​Corporate Fiduciary Management Inc., o/a Alliance Circle, a private Corporate Trade Company was founded as a Venture Capital company more than 25 years ago, funding undeveloped start-up company ventures, franchising, e-trade, real estate and capital equipment, and helping its clients to pay for business expenditures which otherwise would not have been realized.

Alliance Circle is a Professional Corporation, providing Trade-Capital to progressive companies in hospitality, construction, manufacturing, retail and professional services. Alliance delivers administration, clearing transactions, record keeping, granting credit, affecting the purchase and sale of assets, for its clients much like a Commercial Bank or a Brokerage firm does for stocks, bonds, and other securities.

Alliance provides a seamless extension to the daily operating strategies of increasing current sales volume and funding ongoing business needs with extraordinary flexibility, which does not interfere with your present Bank arrangements, your suppliers or other obligations.      
Alliance has perfected a credit system which issues credit lines in Alliance Trade Dollars. Credit lines are secured, by the participating companies pledging assets. Companies must be, well established, profitable, and generating a certain level of cash business with a desire and ability to increase sales assuring that the currency is asset-backed.

Alliance issues credit in Trade Credit Dollars ATD (as any Central Bank does) and loans ATD at very little interest and National Currency"CASH" Dollars at market rates so that a business has the advantage to take a mixed ATD/NTD loan instead of a standard National Dollar loan. The ATD’s can then be spent at parity in all accepting businesses, while having to pay back the loan in ATD will force the borrower to accept NTD in exchange for their goods and services, thus expanding the network itself.

The Alliance Trade Dollar is an electronic currency reflected in clients' trade accounts without the use of paper money. The use of this currency results in increased sales, cash flow, and profits.

When a member sells its product or service to another member, payments, are received in ‘Alliance Trade Dollars in return. These go into your Trust account. You can then spend your Trade Dollars on whatever you want from any member of the Coalition for goods or services for sale! If you don’t see what you want or need, you provide us with procurement list of your wishes, and we go to work to find those particular needs, including getting new business to fill our member’s corporate requirements.

 The Alliance Trade Dollars ATD’s are a Negotiable, Asset-Backed, Redeemable currency with a fixed rate of 1:1. It is not an official exchange rate of exchange; it is a rate for valuation purposes between Alliance Trade Dollars and NTD “Cash.” National Trade Dollar Currency “Cash” can be convertible to Alliance Trade Dollars.

ATD credit lines can then be spent at parity. Repaying the loan in ATD (Alliance Trade Dollars) will force the borrower to accept ATD (Alliance Trade Dollars) in exchange for their goods and services, thus expanding the network itself.

Currency in circulation is used to conduct transactions between companies rather than stored in a bank, financial institution or central bank. Currency in circulation is part of the overall money supply, with a more significant portion of the total amount stored in checking and savings accounts. Alliance Trade Dollars ATD accounts do not pay any interest. This encourages ATD owners to spend instead of hoarding.

Conclusion: The Alliance Trade Dollar is a system based on an alternative currency, designed to help Companies. It helps Companies with very low-interest loans and with an anti-hoarding mechanism that encourages people to spend and keep money in circulation.

Redemption: The option exists for the client who wishes to exchange Alliance Combined Currency to Cash “national currency.” The Client may do so at month’s end; only after the expiry of a minimum of 180 days, from date of acquisition of such Dollars. Provided that (2) upon giving a 90 day notice in writing of its intent to liquidate to currency and (3) at the original incremental valuation and only if Alliance did not meet terms and conditions of the original Trade Agreement provided the aggregate limit at month end is 5% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of National currency held in Trust.

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