Giuseppe S. J. Castiglione

 Missionary Painter


                                                               My Happy Days in Hamilton

His origins were humble. “My parents were hardworking immigrants; he recalls." The family immigrated, to Canada when Joseph was 10, settling in Hamilton. After leaving school, young Giuseppe J. Castiglione (His friends call him Joseph or Big Joe) toiled at different jobs to help support his family. Following this he embarked on a career as a musician, playing a variety of instruments with a Hamilton-based pop group "The Gold Tones."  Discovered by an American booking agency and renamed "The Beavers," with a recording contract with Decca Records and a weekly television show. Unfortunately, the Beavers broke up, and the show went to another band, "The Monkeys." 

Big Joe, disappointed and brokenhearted, pursued a career as a restaurateur. Opening up a chain of “Cisco’s," Ontario’s first authentic Italian submarine sandwich shops, and the "Big Boy" drive-in restaurant, with the best burger in the Hamilton area.

He then got involved in the real estate industry. First as a salesman with J. Kern Real Estate. Two years later founded his realty firm, "Hamilton Permanent Real Estate." With 40 sales representatives working for him, he invested in real estate speculation. He gained vast experience in dealing with clients in some lucrative transactions.
I had quite a rosy real estate career for a while. I amassed a considerable fortune, but like many others, I lost it all when "Speculation Tax" was brought in, Compliments of Ontario Government.

Despite the initial setback, Castiglione still thinks it is important to stay a creative thinker in business. It was his creativity that so impressed friends in Toronto involved in finance, that they urged him to take up money brokering, which he did.

 The Making of a Millionaire

Moving to Toronto, he became a loan broker, dealing mostly with small businesses. “I can relate to small business operators and the struggles they face because I’ve been there,” said Mr. Castiglione. He gradually built up his expertise and his net worth. He felt confident enough to expand the scope of his activities when someone “put a bug in his ear” about an opportunity with an offshore bank. But his lack of experience in the area made this initial venture somewhat difficult. “I realized then that banking was a complicated business,” he related. The experience taught him some important lessons, such as, among other things “get everything in writing!”

After a brief sojourn back in the food business, his creative thinking power, and regenerated pragmatism started to pay dividends as he determined to get back in the money business. He discovered the advantages of combining equity capital underwritten with offshore banking in arranging capital transactions between smaller scale business owners and investors. Often, smaller operators have difficulty in raising capital before an IPO (Initial Public Offering). He would explain that “I’m focused on emerging companies. Where does a business operator get money Pre-IPO? Nowhere!!! The little guy, with all the ambition in the world, is bereft of necessary financing. Unless he was looking for at least $20 million, the big players simply were not interested.

                 Playing with the "Big Boys" on Bay Street

Chase Global Capital filled this void by bringing together such ambitious small entrepreneurs “Angel Bankers”; that is, individuals willing to risk their small-stakes investments on promising new products or service concepts. Chase Global Capital set up Public Limited Companies (P.L.C), or, preferably, an International Business Corporation.

(I.B.C) Usually in an offshore jurisdiction. He would then structures a reverse takeover so that the foreign company acquired 100% of shares in the target company. Transferable securities were then issued from the Client company to listing it on a favourable stock exchange at the optimum moment. “The key is how one structure the whole deal," teaches Castiglione.


                                       Recent examples of “win-win” situations

1. Hay-drying the machine. Invented by a Florida farmer. The farmer died before completion. However, a friend of Mr. Castiglione heard about it and approached Chase Global Capital. Chase Global brought together a group of people, including a team of engineers to develop the project. Acquiring capital from some of the “Angel Bankers,” as well as some outside assistance, enabled it to go ahead. A prototype, using forced air and solar heating technologies, was developed. Farming equipment manufacturers showed considerable interest.

2. Liquid- Ibuprofen in solution. Invented by a Client. The Client ran out of capital before he could achieve FDA approval of his innovative analgesic. Because of his knowledge of Chase Global, the inventor approached looking for the money necessary to complete the FDA approval process. Chase Global created a business plan, entered into negotiations with potential strategic partners and found the capital required to complete the approval process. Because of Chase Global, the Client, and his company was put into a position to move ahead diligently to bring, upon approval, this product of great utility to the consuming public. "This is typical of how an international deal can work." The Company has successfully negotiated Government funding and has garnered overseas investors for a project which will, in the end, result, create jobs by having been successfully funded. “Everybody wins.” One of the overseas partners in the hay drying machine project – Banakor Swisse – recently became Chase Global’s controlling partner, buying all of the company’s assets, and appointing Mr. Castiglione as Agent to oversee Banakor Suisse Investments.

                 "This will open up, even more, overseas opportunities," says Castiglione.

It helps to operate under a bigger umbrella." As for the future, Giuseppe J. Castiglione intends to keep growing by recruiting more investment specialists, such as lawyers, CA’s and CFA’s, to be parts of his team to provide, primarily, cost-effective service for the Clients. Count Baldasaro would be proud of the vision of Giuseppe.

Giuseppe’s success attracted an acquisition offer by a Swiss division of Deutsche Bank which would have been affected had September 11, 2001, not precipitated an unprecedented attack on the offshore world, ending the Tax Benevolent Privileges for many Global Groups including, among others, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barkley’s International and the like.


                "Everyone makes mistakes, those who learn by them don't make them twice."

Giuseppe sat back, relaxed and traveled the world while enjoying old friends, investors, and international connections. However, his long trusted offshore investors would not leave him alone reminding him of his previous commitments and responsibilities to settle outstanding investments and unfinished business in Canada.  In business, as in life, generally, things do not always proceed as anticipated or as expected. The ability to adapt is an essential key to achieving a successful result.  My friends tell me to retire, but this is who I am. "This is what I do." It is the spirit of the Entrepreneur.

                                                                   Back to Work and More Fun


Giuseppe, having been reminded that he was not ready for retirement, gathered his drive and ambition and went back to the drawing board in search for new opportunities for his investors. Giuseppe opened an upper scale food operation introducing fine cuisine - Sous-Vide -cooking, a method used by world renounced Chefs and connoisseurs of fine cuisine"," a privileged Professional and foodies club" sporting medals of status in the club which Joseph wears proudly in Cooking competitions and social affairs. Cooking is fun says Joseph, but there is no challenge no inspiration, no money. His dedication to new alternative investment business opportunities continues.


                                                      ENJOY MY CREATIONS




                                                              The New Venture

His latest research shows that in the present environment of tighter credits and budgets, Senior Executives around the world are exploring new ways to increase sales and better the return on investments.
Giuseppe J. Castiglione donned his creative and innovating thinking cap and conducted research of numerous Trade-Exchange systems used by Governments, Fortune 500 companies and Merchants around the Globe, consulted with Switzerland’s leader in Bartering "The Wir bank" and investigated homegrown Canadian and U.S. Systems. The most favored by Giuseppe are Century old Banking Traditions dating back to the Middle Ages. A Trade Banking system used by Italian Merchant Bankers, who provided, practical ways of Trade Banking of grain production.
Giuseppe, knowing the result he wanted to achieve and having studied the various methods, reinvented them to suit present day market conditions. After putting it to the test, "Merchant Trade Bank Alliance Circle" was born, providing no-nonsense, Trading and Lending in the production of Goods and Services for Alliance Clients.

Giuseppe is presently seeking deserving entrepreneurs to license the rights of operating within the Niagara Golden Horse Shoe Region, to expanding beyond the local borders.


Camillo Castiglioni

Financier Developer BMW 1879-1957

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Saint Marys Scool Hamilton Ontario

                                    With Knowledge Comes Wisdom
There is even a line of nobility running through the Castiglione family. Courtesy of Rinaldo Castiglione, who married Constance, niece of Baldwin the second, King of Jerusalem. Since then, Castiglione patriarchs have been, entitled to the designation of Prince of Antioch. Furthermore, a Roman King, Sigismond, had so much respect for the Castiglione family that he bestowed upon them the title, "Counts of the Holy Roman Empire." Early in the 20th Century, Camillo Castiglione achieved great success as a banker, financier, and co-founder of the Bavarian Motor Works, manufacturers of the BMW automobile. At some point, one of Count Baltasar's relative’s made his way to Sicily and established "Castiglione Di Sicilia," from which Giuseppe descended.

Baldessare Castiglione

Il Cortese-Diplomat


As the scion of one of Italy’s oldest and most accomplished families, Giuseppe J. Castiglione, founder and President of Chase Global Capital in Toronto, Ontario, counts renowned portrait painters, military leaders, financiers and prominent clergymen – including a saint – among his ancestors. His career path has taken many twists and turns – from near stardom as a pop musician in the early 1960’s to eventually become, an ambitious and innovative Bay Street Merchant Banker. There have been more than a few bumps along his road to success – he has learned the hard way. Critical among these is “learn to harness your creativity."

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Financier - Corporate Executive - Merchant Banker - Accomplished Musician - Chef Extraordinaire - Father - Husband -Proud -Grand Father

Giuseppe J. Castiglione

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1940-Going strong

The decision that changed everything. The biggest break. The defining opportunity. The most shattering  failure.